1. We were relocated the Tokyo sales office.
  2. We will exhibit at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition). Thank you for visiting our exhibition stand.
  3. We starts to sell the monitoring device "INTAP-1000". This device monitor the packet on communication between router, adaptor, PC, etc.. & this new device supports data transfer rate 1 Gbps.
  4. Earthquake proof Rack to support Optical Broadband telecommunication (NGN, IRU, LTE). Our Rack has a very strong Earthquake-Resistance which protects it from destruction even in a strong Earthquake like HANSHIN-AWAJI Earthquake.
    It is suitable for the installation of Router, Switch and various kinds of IP Devices as "Server Rack". We take care from design to manufacture, satisfying the needs of our clients.
  5. Establish immediate delivery system of toroidal coil. Please pick up from the catalog as a smoothing choke coil in the power supply etc for noise control etc purpose, and then we will deliver within the slot test possible period of time.

Production Pick-up


This shows CABINET RACK for electronic apparatus, which are now widely used in various areas. We are prepared to supply products ranging from highly earth quake resistant to low level earth quake resistant designed.
Based ov the specification reguired by our customers, we propose an adequate interior.
See Cabinet details

Chargers & Inverters

How small and efficiently can we make,in order to reduce the loss...
These are changers and inverters which have pursued high efficiency and easy handling.
See Chargers & Inverters details

Transformer & Coil

We meet the specifications requirement of various shapes which our customers reguire.
Some of our products are loaded in space satellite,
which is a good proof that our high quality products satisfy NASA's specifications and also automobilespecifications.
See Transformer & Coil details

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